6 Keys to Successful In-Person Giving

In-Person Events are Back, Are You Ready? From fundraisers to networking events, conferences to lobby days, and fly-ins: in-person events are back on the schedule. With each event comes the potential to make meaningful connections with your audience, learn more about what makes them tick, and – where applicable

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6 Keys to Successful In-Person Giving

Set yourself up for success by answering these 5 key questions.

The Advocacy Helpdesk Podcast

The Advocacy Help Desk is a collaboration between advocacy, PAC and community building veterans, sharing new ideas, best practices and more to help public affairs & government relations professionals tackle challenges, strategize solutions and become stronger leaders.

How NAMI provides the resources needed to let others shine and, in the end, bring about the change needed to support Mental Health.

43 min Listen

Advocacy is driven by people. But how do you find new advocates? And how are you learning more about what interests your current stakeholders?

43 min Listen

Brevity, passion, a bit of data & the human touch – what it takes to be an effective communicator in today’s digital age.

40 min Listen

Join us as we dive into how a 100 year old association balanced member feedback and more to tackle the challenges of a top-to-bottom rebrand.

22 min Listen

Advocacy & Grassroots have evolved. Has Your Platform?