Spark Your Grassroots Advocacy

All the Tools You Need to Track, Manage & Engage Your Stakeholders

Get more from your Stakeholders. Drive Action. Move Decision Makers.

SparkInfluence provides the tools and content you need to educate, engage and empower your stakeholders

Advocacy is so much more than a numbers game. It's about your people & their stories.

With SparkInfluence you’ll not only have access to the latest advocacy tools to connect your stakeholders with their elected officials, you’ll also have the platform you need to take your advocacy effort to the next level. Between unrivaled reporting, potential influencer identification, breakdowns by state, district and more, you’ll spend less time reporting and more time strategizing and building a successful, long-lasting advocacy effort.

Complete Advocacy Toolkit

Gather support for your key issues by asking stakeholders to register for updates, sign petitions, and share their story. Advocate directly with legislators and other decision-makers through emails, calls, and Tweets, plus comments on regulations and letters-to-the-editor. All the tools your effort needs to empower your stakeholders to take action.

Potential Influencer Identification

Discover which of your stakeholders are active on social media. With the platform's social matching, we let you know who in your database is on various platforms. Search for them based on number of followers, platform, and more.

Stakeholder Mapping

See where your stakeholders are located within a state and across the country. Flip congressional district boundaries on/off to help plan and strategize.

Gamification & Leaderboards

Assign point values to your actions and keep track of which stakeholders earn the most points each year. Encourage friendly competition between your partners or internal groups with action leaderboards.

Unrivaled Reporting & Segmentation

Combine dozens of filters in the advanced search to hone in on the stakeholders you're looking for. Customize a variety of ad-hoc reports for grassroots, communications, and PAC. Level-up your year-end reporting with the System Snapshot for a look at your top actions, states, districts, tags, organizations and more.

SparkAdvocacy Highlighted Functionality


Customize your messaging to legislators based on bill sponsorship or roll call vote. Input the details of the bill you're tracking, and let the system do the rest.

Custom Caucuses

Build custom groups of legislators based around criteria that are meaningful to your organization and effort.

Stakeholder Management

Import stakeholders, update profiles, add tags, organizations and more with ease. Map your stakeholders and monitor their engagement across grassroots actions and communications.

Embeddable Widgets

Share sign-up forms and grassroots actions with your partners, coalition members, and more -- all of the data gets funneled back into one central database.

Eye-Catching Microsites

Put your best foot forward with a visually-engaging website, branded with your organization's logo and color scheme and ready to tell your story in a matter of hours.

Conversion Tracking

Easily identify which of your emails generated the most activity on your grassroots actions. UTM codes are also captured to show which channels are driving the most activity.