Stay Connected & Drive Engagement with SparkInfluence

A/B Testing. Automated Messaging. Texts, Emails & More. Stay in front of your stakeholders where they feel most comfortable.

Build eye-catching, dynamic emails and send your stakeholders everything from newsletters to calls to action, fly-in invitations, and more.

A complete messaging platform, right at your fingertips.

SparkInfluence’s comprehensive messaging platform allows you to quickly and easily email or text various segments of your database, adding graphics, merge fields, text blocks, RSS feeds and more at the click of a button.

Email is Dead. Long Live Email.

Build eye-catching messages with our easy-to-use visual editor. Even better, choose from a variety of pre-built templates or create your own look to match your effort's branding.

Test. Test. Test Again with A/B Testing

Make sure you're putting your best foot forward. With A/B testing, easily optimize your message to ring true with your audience.

Unrivaled Reporting. Engage Better.

The most in-depth reporting of any communications platform. SparkInfluence allows you to better understand how each segment in your database interacted with your email, helping you hone your marketing and communications strategy moving forward.

Don't Stop With Email. Text Message.

With a 97% open rate, text messaging can help your organization reach more of your advocates. Inbound and Outbound text messaging is built into SparkInfluence.

Automate Your Messaging FTW.

Automate your welcome messaging. Create an onboarding series to welcome new advocates. Send a reengagement series to those who haven't acted in months. It's easy to get started quickly with automated messaging, driving engagement and saving you hours each week.