Better Engagement Starts
with SparkInfluence

Get more from your Stakeholders. Drive Action. Move Decision Makers.

SparkInfluence is an all-in-one, mobile friendly software platform with the most advanced toolset on the market. Build your data-driven effort today and start getting the most out of your audience.

What is SparkInfluence?

SparkInfluence is simple, easy to use software to help you build a better advocacy effort, PAC or online community.

Combining the best of grassroots advocacy tools alongside fundraising, CRM, PAC, grasstops and more, SparkInfluence has all the functionality you need to track, manage, educate, engage and empower your audience.

Each product in the software platform is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you combine them together.

Building Your Effort Has Never Been This Easy

SparkInfluence is the only complete community building advocacy and PAC solution. It gives teams everything they need, all in one place.


From sending calls-to-action to newsletters, text messages and more, it’s all there. Add in A/B testing and automated messaging, and SparkInfluence provides the most modern communications suite in the industry.

Highlighted Features


Our powerful stakeholder management system helps organizations monitor, update & grow their contact database. Best in class reporting allows you to quickly segment, target, and act, helping you get the most out of your audience.

Highlighted Features


SparkInfluence’s intuitive tools make fundraising easier than ever for both you & your contributors. From a customizable pay-in-person app to online contribution forms, start capturing funds in a matter of minutes. 

Highlighted Features

Advocacy & Grassroots have evolved. Has Your Platform?