The Most Advanced PAC Software on the Market

Capture & Manage Contributions. Track Disbursements. Automate Follow-ups. All the Tools You Need to Run an Efficient PAC.

Modernize your PAC effort with our integrated PAC platform allowing you to track, segment, file and raise money with ease. Our unique contribute-in-person app allows instant fundraising with the tap of a card with real time updates.

Running a PAC is now a whole lot easier​

With the most modern PAC software on the market, SparkInfluence makes it easy for you to capture, track, manage and encourage both new and repeat contributions. Automate messaging, break down your disbursements and file with the FEC, all through one easy-to-use platform.

Contribution Tracking & Giving Levels

Follow the money. See exactly where each contribution is coming from, broken out by state, district, tag, organization and more. Reward repeat donors and quickly & easily create giving levels to recognize your best contributors.

Embeddable Contribution Forms

Make it as easy as possible to collect contributions through SparkInfluence's contribution forms. Prefilled for previous contributors, these forms can collect online funds right from your own website.

Ring Up Contributions at In-Person Events

Never miss another opportunity for raising funds at conferences or PAC events. SparkInfluence's custom contribute-in-person app makes it easy for you to collect funds with just a tap of a credit card. Even better, data captured is updated in real time and synced directly with the SparkPAC database.

Prior Authorization Suite

Having trouble keeping track of prior authorizations? SparkInfluence's built-in Prior Authorization Suite helps PAC ensure they're current on every organization's authorization status. Even better, the dedicated dashboard allows PACs to manage expiring authorizations, set reminders, add notes and more, all in one easy-to-use location.

Impress with Eye-Catching PAC Websites

Outdated PAC websites are a thing of the past. Put your best foot forward with a visually-engaging website, branded with your organization's logo and color scheme and ready to tell your story and collect funds in a matter of hours.

SparkPAC Highlighted Functionality

Contribution Tracking

Track the money coming in with views into contributions by individuals, companies, tags, and more.

Unrivaled Reporting

From visually-engaging charts and graphs, to tables and spreadsheets, all the data you need on your PAC efforts is at your fingertips.

Stakeholder Management

Easily incorporate offline gifts from your stakeholders, review giving history, and keep profiles current with just a few clicks.

Disbursement Dashboard

Helpful breakdowns show your PAC disbursements by state, party, chamber, period, cycle, and individual candidates.

Batch Reporting

Save time and effort by importing and marking groups of contributions that you can quickly and easily refer back to and report on.

FEC Filing

Create a new report, generate amendments, and review past filings all in one place. Our filing software streamlines the process, verifies data, and submits electronically.

Automated Messaging

Let the system do the work of letting your contributors know when their credit cards are about to expire or a recurring payment fails.

Bank Reconciliation

Quickly and easily run a bank reconciliation to ensure that your records are accurate and up-to-date before your next filing.

Check Cutting

Cut disbursement checks with the click of a button. Come back to mark once the checks clear. Giving to candidates and other PACs has never been easier.