Better Engagement Starts
with SparkInfluence

Survey, Capture & Track Your Grasstops and Key Contact Relationships Like Never Before. ‚Äč

Leave the spreadsheets behind. Start today with a full-featured grasstops and key contact relationship platform and take your advocacy effort to the next level.

Mapping Key Contacts Has Never Been This Easy

With the most advanced Grasstops and Key Contact Relationship tracking and management platform, SparkInfluence gives you the tools you need to understand the bigger picture on how to truly affect change.

Identify Grasstops & a Potential "Farm Team"

Find your best advocates quickly and easily with SparkInfluence's segmentation tools. Even better, identify those who want to do more within your effort and create a "farm team" for the future.

Survey & Capture Relationships

Built in forms make it easy to quickly mail-merge in and send out surveys to your stakeholders capturing who they may have relationships with. And approval tools mean you can categorize and approve each response given to best fit your needs.

Track Key Metrics

Grasstops and key contact relationship tracking is nothing without clear and concise dashboards. Track important metrics across tags, organizations, states, districts, committees and more as you build out your MVP program.

Know the Whole Picture

SparkInfluence's unrivaled reporting helps organizations understand their overall impact - on both a grassroots and grasstops level. Our dashboard keeps you up-to-date with all the data you need to make the most convincing argument possible.